Marketing for News and Media Websites

Like any developed country, New Zealand has television programs, newspapers, radio stations, magazines, movies and websites which promote news and lifestyle in the country. Television wasn’t introduced until 1960, but currently, there are plenty of networks providing all sorts of programs for citizens of New Zealand. Most of these networks are foreign-owned, with just a few local stations which usually provide minorities with programs. That’s the case for most media conglomerates in the country.

All major television stations are headquartered in Auckland. While there are just a number of channels available in high definition, efforts towards this are being currently made. Among popular TV personalities, there are: Nik Brown, Mike Puru, Brian Kelly, Murray Lindsay and John McDowell.

As publications, the most prominent ones are New Zealand’s Herald, The Dominion Post, The Press and the Otago Daily Times.

There are two movies often associated with New Zealand – and that’s because both of them were among the highest grossing in history. They are The Lord of the Rings and Avatar.

The first, directed by Peter Jackson was shot mostly in New Zealand and it brought much attention to the country’s scene and beautiful sights. Avatar used animation and photography done in New Zealand for its production.

New Zealand Film Commission offers funding to movies and films which offer New Zealand content to watchers.


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    Offers national and international news about sport, technology, entertainment and business.

  • Tumai Magazine
    Provides details on and offers an overview on the contents of monthly publication materials.