Palmers Garden Centre is an extensive online and physical retail platform dedicated to gardening products and advice. The garden centre offers a wide range of products, from garden plants, lawns, plant health and pest control items to growing media, compost and fertiliser. Customers can also find a variety of gardening tools, gloves, pots, and pet giftware on Palmers' platform.

Additionally, Palmers Garden Centre extends its offerings to outdoor living products, including Weber Spa pools. They provide comprehensive resources for their customers, including How To guides, gardening inspiration, and expert advice. Customers are encouraged to subscribe to their newsletter for gardening tips, inspiration, deals, competitions, and information about exclusive events.

They also operate a reward scheme for their customers, encouraging them to sign up for Palmers Rewards. These points can be utilised for future purchases from their wide selection of products. The centre also offers gift cards and e-gift cards for their customers, along with options to check the gift card balance online.

In a bid to connect with their customers, they are not only reachable via their customer service number and email but also maintain a strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and WeChat.

Palmers Garden Centre also displays open career opportunities and business sales information on their website, further extending its functionality beyond just selling gardening-related items. They provide detailed information about their history, opportunities to join the franchise, and facilitate direct contact with them for any inquiries.

In conclusion, Palmers Garden Centre serves as a one-stop destination for all gardening-related products and advice. Their extended offerings of outdoor living products, expert advice, reward schemes, gift cards, and more make them a comprehensive platform for gardening enthusiasts.