Marketing for Home and Garden Websites

Home and garden practices in New Zealand are pretty much a mix of local Māori influences and British and Australian heritages as well. There are many types of homes spread across the country, each in its own accord somewhat unique due to different types of designs and decoration practices.
Here you’ll find resources needed to figure out how to give your home a certain “spirit” and make it shine in a multitude of houses nearby.

There are many things which can be used, a lot of tactics which can be employed and many ideas which can be turned into creative statements. But you’ll need to make sure that everything you do is well thought-of and made accessible in terms of price and practicality.

With guidance, you can do just about everything you put your mind to, turning your home into a unique statement. Be sure to check the websites found here for valuable resources for DIY projects and a lot of tips and tricks for decorating and gardening purposes.

Experience the wide variety of tree, fruit and general greens available for New Zealand’s climate. Here you’ll find resources which will speak volumes about what you’ll need to do in order to make sure that the garden you’re growing will be successful and make you proud when you have friends and family over to admire it. Spend an afternoon in your own garden to experience the benefits of growing your little piece of heaven or turn it into a great source of green provisions for the entire year.


  • Moosey's Country Garden
    A comprehensive online resource dedicated to the world of gardening, with a specific focus on the lush landscapes and unique flora of New Zealand.

  • NZ Gardens Online
    Offers mail order nurseries, articles about plants, photos and an interactive noticeboard.

  • Palmers
    Offers guidelines and instructions on the positioning and caring for fruit trees. Includes an overview on the landscaping services of the company.

  • Plumb'In Factory Shops
    Offers plumbing accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Also presents franchise opportunities.

  • Zap Trap
    Provides statistical data on the spread of possum in New Zealand and explains how the electronic trap works.