Metlifecare Retirement Homes is a business dedicated to providing comfortable and personalized living options for retired individuals. Their service offerings include a variety of choices to suit different needs and preferences, ranging from independent living, aged care, to even specialized dementia care.

Metlifecare displays an easy-to-navigate website with ample information about their services including guidelines for COVID-19, providing updated and critical information for protecting their residents'health. They leverage the site to help potential clients get started with retirement living by offering an option to get a retirement guide, guidelines about retirement living, and reasons to choose Metlifecare for one's retirement years.

A notable feature of their service is the geographical range of their villages. They are based in different locations around New Zealand, including Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay, Manawatu-Whanganui, Wellington, Otago, and Canterbury. This ensures that retirees have the option to stay in or near their preferred locales, aiding in the transition to a new chapter of their lives. Metlifecare also allows potential residents to view all these villages before making their final decision, adding another layer of convenience and assuredness to their process.

Among the various villages under Metlifecare's umbrella is the Fairway Gardens which promises a premium retirement experience. Located next to the Pakuranga golf course, it offers a beautiful environment for retirees who enjoy outdoor activities. They also have the Gulf Rise, another retirement village, set on the Hibiscus Coast. This place is noted for its quick establishment as a stunning new retirement location.

Metlifecare Retirement Homes is also forward-thinking and continually evolving, highlighted by their announcement of premium care suites that will soon be available in their North Auckland villages. To keep interested individuals informed, they offer additional resources like the option to get an info pack.

Another noteworthy aspect to mention is Metlifecare's employment opportunities. They have a dedicated section on their website for careers, indicating their intent to invest in personnel that can provide optimal care and service to their residents.

It's clear Metlifecare Retirement Homes positions itself as a comprehensive and inclusive retirement living provider. They strive to cater to every possible need and want of their retired residents, offering comprehensive living options and geographical flexibility, backed by continuous support and care. It is a viable choice for individuals planning their retirement living.

Business address

20 Kent Street
New Zealand

Contact details

Phone: 09 539 8000