ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) is a comprehensive service platform for residents of New Zealand, visitors to the country and New Zealanders injured overseas, providing support and guidance for accident-related injuries. The service coverage includes a varied array of injury-related expenses such as aiding with treatment costs, maternal birth injuries services.

Additionally, ACC provides an online portal called MyACC which allows users to manage their recovery online. On MyACC, users can register, log in, and receive helpful tips, enhancing the user-friendliness of the site. It is interesting to note that ACC also offers financial support to those who can't work due to the injury, making weekly payments. This provision is also applicable to individuals moving overseas.

The services extend to permanent injury sufferers and in the unfortunate event of death, financial support is provided. ACC offers various types of ongoing support including securing aids and equipment, transportation and getting around assistance, childcare and education support, as well as support for visiting treatment facilities. There is also an emphasis on mental health with counsellors and therapy services accessible through the platform.

ACC also provides critical support for recovering individuals to return to work after an injury with a dedicated recovery at work guide. A team dedicated specifically for this purpose is also available to ensure the transition back to work is as smooth as possible. The team further assists those who are unable to work while injured.

The entity operates transparently with clear information on how claims are managed, how coverage decisions are made grounded in legislation, and clear explanations of claim information. ACC effectively supports accident-related victims and their families, reducing the stress related to recovery and the management of injury fallout.