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Arts and Entertainment Web Directory

New Zealand’s art and entertainment section focuses around cultural diversity found in most developed countries. Ranging from decorations, crafts, literature and going for music and even movies, New Zealand’s arts and entertainment section can be strongly linked with British influences. This is because the country is one among the last to be colonized by humans.

The biggest literature influences come from the modernist movement and most of early literature was focused on foreign author’s experiences while visiting New Zealand. Special events depicted in early literature have been garnished around the Great Depression, again as part of the modernist movement.

Aside from that, Māori have adopted the written word as a way to promote their ideas, traditions and cultural heritage, given the fact that until colonization started, their only way was through oral depictions of these things. There are many resources related to New Zealand’s Māori heritage.

Movies are also quite new to the country, with the biggest boom in local cinematography being recorded in the 1970s. Radio was introduced in 1922, while public television came only in 1960.

With the help of the latter, New Zealand movie production started to thrive, especially due to the fact that the New Zealand Film Commission started a mission to aid local filmmakers in their endeavors. Still, even today, the wide majority of TV programs are from Britain, Australia and the US.
Music is again a byproduct of a Māori heritage of chants and songs.

Aside from those, New Zealand has its own take on jazz, blues, rock and even hip hop. There are music awards held annually by the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand – an association which also provides the country with its weekly music charts.