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This gorgeous blooming wonderland makes for a relaxing vacation. Visitors love the climate and beauty of Micronesia's thousands of small islands. More and more people are learning about this land of sparkling clear water and breath-taking scenery. You'll feel like you have entered a whole new world.

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The water is deep and warm. Micronesia houses thousands of bright colored fish, rays, sharks, unique plant life and more. Be sure to bring a camera for some of the most beautiful pictures ever.

And for those who love to explore, just bring your pirate spirit and a pair of fins. You can snorkel or scuba dive and investigate sunken ships that once sailed these crystal clear waters. Some say

Micronesia has some of the best snorkeling in the world. And if being in the water isn't your thing don't worry.
Tourists rave about the many archaeological sites available to study.

There are many outdoor activities year round as well as interesting museums. The people speak English and are known for being friendly. The best time to visit is January to May. The climate is nearly perfect and steady year round.

If you like 80 degree weather and don't mind the humidity you may think you have found a hidden gem. This slice of wonder is a perfect place to call home on your next vacation. You won't be disappointed.


  • FSM Telecommunications Corporation
    Micronesian telecommunications company. Offers information on hotels, restaurants, radio stations and movies in Micronesia.

  • Government of the Federated States of Micronesia
    Official page of the FSM. Allows users to learn information about current affairs in Micronesia, while still getting to know the country and its places.

  • Xavier High School, Micronesia
    Official page of a high school in Micronesia. The website also aims at promoting the islands and cultural heritage of the region.