FijiLive is a major news platform that provides audience with latest updates on a wide variety of topics including Fiji-specific news, sports, business, and entertainment. Situated in the hub of the South Pacific, FijiLive makes extensive use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, successfully integrating these channels into its standard desktop layout.

The site's homepage showcases a selection of recently published articles under different headings like news, sports, business, and entertainment. A search bar at the top of the page allows easy navigation for viewers seeking specific content. Potential improvement in the area of user interface could include a better-organized layout and the use of more categories for easier navigation.

FijiLive's news category is particularly notable for its mix of local and international coverage. This category does not limit itself to local happenings but stretches its reporting to the international news that may impact Fiji. From the Fiji Pine Group's accusation to the outbreak of Nipah virus, the news section provides broad and diverse content.

The sports segment, predominantly filled with local football and rugby news, also features stories on international sports personalities and events. Recognizing the significance of sports in Fijian culture, the extensive sports coverage contributes to the overall relevance of the platform.

Further, the business category vividly reflects Fiji's economic scenario with current, local business-related news. This includes everything from airline successes, market site projects, to the announcement of corporate board members, showcasing a broad spectrum of business insight.

The entertainment channel leverages globally-recognized names to deliver compelling content. It also highlights viral moments, like celebrities entering military service or high-profile lawsuits. However, the inclusion of more Fijian artists would provide a more balanced representation of entertainment news.

FijiLive, overall, provides a thorough news service, significantly contributing to Fiji's digital media landscape. Despite room for interface improvement, the range of its news coverage and the inclusion of both local and international content give it a substantive edge. With its use of multiple social media outlets, FijiLive enriches its interaction with the audience, making it a dependable platform for up-to-date information.