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This amazing piece of paradise is known for its unspoiled beaches, inviting waters and enchanting views. This is the place to be if you want to relax, make memories and enjoy what feels like your very own piece of paradise. Fiji is located in the beautiful South Pacific.

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It is the perfect get away for people lovers who want to curl up in each other's arms while watching the sun set as they sink their toes into soft white sand. And it's for the adventurous as well. Fiji is truly a nature lover's playground.

You'll never grow tired as you play in the almost perfect daily weather. Visitors love to mountain bike, hike our beautiful scenic rain forests, take a ride on a bamboo raft, swim with the sharks, or boast about the huge fish they caught. It is a place for memories to be made and true dreams to come to life.

Fiji makes it easy to leave the cell phone, work, and your worries behind. It was in 1789 that this tropical wonder was first found. And now, century's later people come and discover how amazingly beautiful each and every island is. Once you visit you are sure to return again.


  • Fijian Teachers Association
    Aims at bringing all Fijian teachers under one virtual roof where they can exchange ideas and keep themselves informed about current and future practice implementations aimed at providing students with a worthwhile educational experience.

  • FijiLive
    News source for all important Fiji events. Provides news articles from a wide variety of domains and points of interest. Access is free and there are categories which split up the website.

    News portal for things, happenings, events and important information regarding Fiji. Offers varied articles updated constantly.

  • Ministry of Health
    Fiji's official Ministry of Health website. Offers news, informational articles and various resources aimed at improving and promoting Fiji's public and private medical services.

  • Yat Sen Secondary School
    The official page of the Yat Sen secondary school in Fiji. Offers information about the institution and various resources for teachers, students and parents.