Ecotourism Australia is an organization focused on forging a symbiotic relationship between tourism and the environment. The organization aims to promote sustainable tourism practices, which minimize the negative impact on nature while maximizing the benefits for local communities.

At the heart of Ecotourism Australia's philosophy is the view that responsible, sustainable tourism can contribute not only to the conservation of the environment, but also to the economic and social well-being of local communities. They believe in using tourism as a force for positive change, combining environmental sustainability with social responsibility.

Ecotourism Australia offers certification programs for tourism businesses, ensuring they adhere to certain principles and standards that promote sustainability. Through these certifications, the organization encourages businesses not only to respect local cultures and treat the environment with care but also to contribute to the local economy and support the communities hosting the tourists.

Apart from offering certification programs, Ecotourism Australia also acts as an advocate for the tourism industry and liaises closely with governmental institutions. They provide leadership and direction, sharing industry developments and best practices to encourage more sustainable and responsible tourism across Australia.

Moreover, Ecotourism Australia engages in educational activities to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable tourism. They organize events, seminars, and workshops to spread their message and foster a culture of sustainability within the tourism sector.

However, while Ecotourism Australia's intentions are noble, implementation can often be challenging. The success of sustainable tourism initiatives often hinges on a variety of factors, including government support, market demand, and the active participation of local communities. Despite these challenges, Ecotourism Australia continues to work tirelessly towards their goal of promoting sustainable tourism practices across the continent.

In conclusion, Ecotourism Australia is a key player in the efforts to promote sustainable tourism. They offer a range of services, from certifications to leadership and direction in the field. Although promoting sustainable tourism is not without its challenges, the organization remains committed to its mission of using tourism as a force for positive change. The overall efforts of Ecotourism Australia indicate a promising future for the symbiotic relationship between tourism and the environment.