Smartraveller is a comprehensive travel platform designed to provide valuable guidance and information to a broad spectrum of travelers. It provides an ease of navigation through its extensive range of topics covering pre-travel checks, destination-specific advice, insurance details, and much more to make the traveling experience manageable and secure.

The homepage of Smartraveller is user-friendly and guides its visitors to different topics through well-organized categories. A unique feature of this site is that it offers travel advice based on the traveler's profile category which addresses specific categories like Academics, Dual nationals, Mature, LGBTI++, and individuals traveling with pets or children. This makes it a distinctive resource for a range of profiles across the globe as it presents relevant information based on the personal traits and specific circumstances of the traveler.

Traveling diversity is also encouraged by offering tips on various traveler activities such as backpacking, adoption, business travel, living and working overseas, studying, and volunteering, among others. All these sections are packed with substantial information, providing a profound understanding of the respective activity.

In a bid to cater to the health requirements of travelers, Smartraveller also provides data on topics like mental health, infectious diseases, medical assistance overseas, and advice on vaccinations, making it valuable for all types of travelers.

The platform also provides comprehensive advice on how to stay safe abroad, with sections on various potential hazards including armed conflict, assaults. Cybersecurity tips, advice on avoiding scams, and information on natural disasters also add to the holistic safety approach of the website.

Smartraveller offers a broad overview of travel, with detailed content on various travel methods. It provides specific advice and guidance on air travel, boat travel, cruising, public transport, and road safety. This wide coverage of travel modes enhances its appeal to diverse travelers with varying travel preferences.

The website also offers an organized view of all the destinations sorted by continents which provides users an efficient tool for easily locating specific information about a plethora of destinations.

In legal aspects, it shares relevant information on local laws and customs in destination countries, helping travelers to avoid unwittingly committing a crime or a cultural faux pas.

To conclude, Smartraveller is a well-rounded travel platform that extends a comprehensive service to a variety of travelers. Whether it's providing personalized advice, practical travel information, or health and safety tips, Smartraveller serves the needs of travelers in a conveniently organized and accessible way.