Marketing for Transportation Websites

Transport systems are complex and varied in Australia, depending mostly on the cities and the geological possibilities of the location. Most major cities encompass a wide variety of public and private transportation options for their residents and visiting tourists. Another main aspect of transport is held by the national mining tendency which is basically solely reliant on railway systems that provides it with the possibility of transporting huge ore productions across the country.

The major cities which boast a wider variety of public transportation are: Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney. Monorail systems are only present in Gold Coast, as the monorail line in Sydney ceased operations in 2013. Buses are available in each of the aforementioned cities. Light rail is only present in Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Perth is scheduled to receive a light rail system sometime between 2016 and 2018. Urban rail is available in all mentioned cities, aside from Darwin, Hobart and with limited access in Newcastle. Each of these areas is operated by integrated networks which oversee most public transport options.

There are currently well over 353,000 kilometers of paved roads available throughout Australia, out of which a bit over 3,100 kilometers are expressways. There are still over 500,000 kilometers of unpaved road systems. The country has the second highest car ownership percentage per capita in the world, while being the third largest fuel consumer per capita in the world.

Ports are usually supplied by rail and road systems and are widely used for export and import purposes. There are over 300 airports around the country, all of them boasting paved runways. Smaller landing strips are available throughout the country and serve limited areas and population.


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    Website of an Industrial organisation that represents Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Newsletters, awards and agreements online.

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    An interstate removalists company in Australia. They also provide the quotes on interstate removals across the country.

  • MotorMouth Pty Ltd
    Specializes in the recording and publishing of daily petrol prices for suburban areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.