The website for Concreate is very high quality and informative, especially from being a family owned business. They are greatly focused and aware of detail, and will upgrade any type of home with polished and decorative concrete flooring.

They use only the best equipment, and specialize in many types of concrete flooring such as self leveling floors to give the floor a seamless look and texture, tile and mortar removal, and concrete sealing to extend the life of the floor, which is available in different colors.

Concreate also performs concrete floor polishing, resurfacing, spray on paving, and epoxy flooring.

An excellent attribute of the website is their helpful blog, which explains how customers can do the work themselves with the proper tools. Concreate firmly believe in customer satisfaction and will even provide free quotes for their services. The company number is conveniently located on the website.

Business address

Concreate Melbourne
21 Arthur Phillip Drive,

Contact details

Phone: (03) 5941 6740