ecoDynamics offers a multifaceted suite of services including hydroseeding, hydromulching, and various erosion control solutions. Their website provides an insightful explanation distinguishing the terms hydroseeding and hydromulching. While the two methods are often used interchangeably, ecoDynamics distinguishes them by indicating that hydroseeding uses water as a carrier to apply seeds and fertiliser to the seedbed. Hydromulching, on the other hand, involves the addition of fibre-mulch to the seed, fertiliser, and water mixture which results in a different application.

The company's hydroseeding and hydromulching service pride themselves on remarkable results, leveraging high-quality materials for competitive pricing. This service shows flexibility as it can handle a variety of grass types and erosion control predicaments.

One of the strengths of ecoDynamics is the diversity of their team, composing horticultural and engineering experts readily available to assess, propose, and implement solutions suited to each client's unique need. Their team's competence is harnessed to assure clientele that any problem will be addressed and resolved.

In addition to their expertise, ecoDynamics boasts of equipped facilities ready for project deliveries of varying scales. They leave an impression of being a well-rounded service provider, capable of tackling diverse landscaping assignments, showcasing the capability to handle projects from various landscapes, from moss rock applications and timber recycling to a full suite of mulch-related services.

On the downside, there is sparse information regarding their track record and case studies on the website, potentially hindering prospective clients in gauging the company's capability. Including testimonials, specific case studies, or any form of measurable results might enhance their credibility to potential customers.

In conclusion, ecoDynamics, with its array of services and team of experts, appears to offer a competitive and robust service in the field of landscape construction and erosion control. A potential area of improvement might be a more detailed showcase of their track record to provide peace of mind to prospective clients.