Marketing for Home and Garden Websites

A directory should prove itself to be a resource for people looking to improve their lifestyle in whatever manner they see fit. And that includes modifications one would want to bring to their homes and gardens. In that aspect, the section which covers home and garden improvements in Australia will deal with a lot of resources for home decorations, garden accessories and all sorts of tips and tricks for popular DIY project, while keeping in mind the climate and soil properties in different parts of the country.

Home prices in Australia are among the highest in the world, but the median income the regular family has in this country more than accounts for that. There are a lot of real estate resources which can help the perspective home buyer make an informed decision based on location, price and amenities of the homes sought.

Gardens hold an important place in any household, as they can provide a method for relaxation and, in some cases, even the occasional fruit or vegetable which you can grow yourself. While most regard Australia as an arid place to grow crops, there is a significant agricultural industry present in the country. Not only that, but temperate climates found here allow for a wide variety of greens and fruit to be cultivated. Based on your location, here you’ll find different resources which will help you determine a valid position for your garden, what to plant and when to do so and, most importantly, how to take care of your garden so that your labor will not go unrewarded.


  • Aquaseeding
    Offers environmental control services and appliances, such as spray re-vegetation, dust control, re-grassing and hydro-mulching.

  • Carpetman
    Independent flooring products retailer with stores in the metropolitan area of Brisbane and Springvale in Victoria.

  • Concreate Melbourne
    Provides functional and effective solutions for a wide range of concreting and flooring needs.

  • Drifta Camping Kitchens
    Offers storage solutions for camping, such as portable kitchens, tables and gas light boxes. Provides user instructions, usage suggestions and additional photographs.

  • Electrolux
    Australia based floor care product provider. Also offers a range of other goods and includes a list of authorized retailers.

  • Equator Homewares
    Furniture retailer selling sofas, lounges, homewares and outdoor furniture; Established in 1998.

  • Godfreys
    Vacuum cleaner retailer in Australia offering a wide range of cleaning accessories.

  • Megastore: Bonza Bronz
    Specializes in UV free safe tanning and offers this service all over Australia.

  • Plain Pallets
    One of the longest-operating suppliers of pallets in Melbourne, AUS.

  • Poulter Installations
    Home carport, patio and workshop construction services in Perth, Western Australia. Quotes, design and installations available.

  • Powershop
    Energy and power company in Australia that helps people save money by offering controlling options of electricity usage.

  • Serviced Apartments in Sidney
    The company provides fully furnished apartments for rental through Sydney. As these properties are fully furnished and self catering, our clients will actually save money as they can prepare and cook their own meals and wash their own clothes.

  • The Stone Super Store
    Specializes in natural and manmade stone; however they have a wide range of complementary products as well.

  • TrustedCleaner
    Operates a Trusted Trader Scheme to help people in Australia find reputable and reliable cleaning companies.