PAID is a national Australian licensed credit provider offering bill finance solutions within 24 hours. It caters for a wide range of bills including gas, water, insurance, internet, electricity, phone, rent and most other utility bills.The company's able to pay more than 14,000 billers and service providers allowing clients to cash flow their bills.

The company saves people the financial hustle after red bill warnings by conveniently spreading their payments over the next four months. With their quick-solution method, clients can avoid the dreaded disconnection and achieve smooth cash flows. They pay the bills directly to the billers such that one does not have to wait for money to get into his/her account and then pay bills later.

PAID can offer bill loans of up to $ 2000 depending on the clients needs. It handles only household and personal bills. The company is a trusted brand that helps customers maintain their reputation, payment track record and relationships. They charge a low monthly credit fee of 4% the borrowed amount plus 14 percent establishment fee. This is very little compared to other short term money lenders.

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PAID International