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In terms of business and economy, Australia is well-known to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. With a lot of space to spare, people are still flocking to the continent to this day, increasing the country’s potential for economical and private business expansion. Australia has the world’s 12th largest economy and was declared the country with the second average wealth per individual adult in the world. Median gross domestic product per capita situate the continent on the fifth place worldwide, making it a country where legal services, political matters and overall lifestyle have been numerously quoted as being among the top in the world.

The national currency is the Australian Dollar and the country has a market economy. The two main stock exchange institutions, the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange have merged together in 2006 to create the world’s ninth largest stock exchange center – the Australian Securities Exchange.

Most of its large cities have been declared by several publications and surveys as the best places to live in the world. Melbourne in particular has been accorded high praise on numerous occasions by popular publications like The Economist.

In terms of resources, Australia has focused on exporting more than enough to the US, China and New Zealand. Among its primary exports there’s wool, wheat, iron ore, gold and wine. Unemployment rates are usually down, with a registered 5% in 2012. Youth unemployment usually stands at around double the country’s median, at 11%.