The Arts Law Centre of Australia is a one-stop platform for artists and creative communities seeking legal help in Australia. It is the only national community centre for the arts in the country, and functions as a not-for-profit organization aimed at reinforcing the worth and respect for creative communities and culture.

The centre offers a wide array of free or low-cost resources, education, and legal advice for artists and organizations. It fulfills the creative needs of diverse demographics such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, and artists with disabilities. These services are facilitated through several tools, including but not limited to contract templates, info sheets, and resources. Additionally, it holds frequent educational programs and workshops to further empower these artists.

The Arts Law Centre of Australia also offers a unique service called Artists in the Black, tailored specifically to aid Indigenous artists. It also engages in advocacy work, with the intent to correlate stronger artistic communities with a better world.

Subscriptions to the centre offers its patrons an extended list of benefits, including access to various resources at discounted pricing. Moreover, the organization encourages voluntary participation and financial contributions to augment their efforts in making a significant change in the society.

Recently, the Centre has ventured into the digital territory, providing subscribers with ample online resources, along with the facility to interact with an arts lawyer over the internet. Plus, it keeps an open dialogue with the community, sharing news and updates regularly through its website.

On a closing note, the Arts Law Centre of Australia not only encapsulates legal advice for arts and culture folks but also stands up for the recognition and strengthening of the creative communities in Australia.