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The continent of Australia/Oceania is located in the southern hemisphere which comprises of the mainland of the country, the Australia and other islands like Tasmania, New Guinea, Aru Islands and some other islands in Indian and Pacific ocean regions. Australia is a spectacular place to visit. You can surf your heart out while staying at a hotel on the Gold Coast booked through Expedia for a few days. You can also travel to Melbourne to enjoy a night of wine tasting. Regardless of what you consider a good time, Australia has it.

Australia map

Oceania includes Micronesia, a largely scattered island group that extends from Southern to the Northern edges of Equator.

The area of this continent is 8,112,000 sq km (5.2 % of world's total area) and the population is 31,090,000 people. The highest mountain of Australian Continent is Mt. Wilhelm in Papua New Guinea (4509m).

The region also includes Coral-Atolls and Volcanic Islands in the Pacific-Ocean and Polynesia and Melanesia group of islands. Murray River, Darling River, Cooper Creek are the major Australian rivers.

The Bimberi Peak (1912 m) is the highest mountain in Australia. This continent is the home of unique flora and fauna like Marsupials and monotremes. The climatic condition in Australia is prevalently tropical.