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The state of Wisconsin is located on the northern-central part of the United States. Known as "America's Dairy land" because it produces approximately a quarter of America's cheese and next to California is produces the largest amount of milk.

The states capital is Madison. The largest city is Milwaukee which is located on the eastern part of the state on Lake Michigan. The state is approximately 65, 497 square miles and is the 23rd largest state in America. The climate is considered to be mild-continental and the state experiences all four seasons in full effect.

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Wisconsin, USA

Wisconsin is known throughout the country for its country music festivals. During the year the state plays host too many large music events. "Summerfest" is the largest music festival in America and happens each year in the city of Milwaukee.

The state also hosts many major league teams including the Green Bay Packers (football) and the Milwaukee Bucks (basketball). The Green Bay packers have earned the most titles in the NFL and for that reason Milwaukee is known as "Title town USA". Although it may look like the largest, it is actually the smallest franchise in the NFL. There is currently an 81,000 person wait list for season tickets.


    Provides residents of Wisconsin with the auto insurance requirements with quotes and agencies in major cities throughout the state.

  • Council for Wisconsin Writers
    A council to represent the interests and advance the writing trade in Wisconsin. Offers general information about attendance and membership.

  • Madison Investigations LLC
    A licensed investigations agency in the Madison Wisconsin area. They offer criminal, civil, and fraud investigations, accident reconstruction, background checks, surveillance, and surveillance system rentals.

  • Official website of the Green Bay Packers
    Fans of the famous NFL team can see team stats, schedules, rosters and player bios. You can also purchase merchandise from the club.

  • Summerfest
    A music festival that is held in Milwaukee each year; on the site you can access artist information, tickets and event information.

  • Wisconsin Historical Society
    Organization in charge with promoting and preserving historical sites and resources in the state of Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin News
    Brought to you by Topicx, the Wisconsin News section offers exclusive news from the state. News items are of general interest.

  • Wisconsin Newspaper Association
    An organization in charge of providing guidelines and upholding certain standards in the Wisconsin state.