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In 1889 Washington State became the 42nd state admitted into the United State of America. The state of Washington is located on the Western part of the United States on the Pacific Coast. It is located between Oregon and Canada.

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Washington, USA

The states capital is Olympia which is located on the western part of the state. Seattle is Washington's largest city. The state is approximately 71,380 square miles. It has a relatively mild climate and is known for the fog. In the winter months, drizzling rain is common. However, the perception that it always rains in Washington is far from the truth. The state actually has a very diverse climate when compared to other states, Washington State is the location of many well-known companies' headquarters. Most notably the Starbucks chain first originated in Washington in Pikes Peak. They now call Seattle home to their headquarters. Microsoft and Bill Gates also call the state home.

Aside from business, Washington is home to many different National Parks. Umatilla National Forest, Olympic National and Colville National Forest are just a few of the beautiful national treasures the state boasts. Sports also play a large part in the states culture. The state has many different teams including the Seattle Seahawks (football), Seattle Mariners (baseball) and the Seattle Sounders (soccer). All of these teams are major league and have home bases in Seattle.


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