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The state of Virginia is located on the Eastern side of the United States. Many historical events have occurred in the state, most notably the first permanent colonial settlement in 1607, Jamestown. At first, the intention of the colony was to bring back gold to England, however, the settlers went through a period known as "starving time" because the attention was on finding gold and not creating a sustainable living environment.

Many of the settlers died within the first years. they would later learn to harvest tobacco and make profit from this to sustain the settlement. Virginia has been referred to as "The mother of the Presidents" because it was the birthplace of eight US Presidents. The capital is Richmond which is located in the eastern part of the state. Although this is the capital, the most populated area is Virginia Beach which also serves as a major tourist attraction for the state.

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Virginia, USA

Virginia's location and climate make the state susceptible to tornado and hurricanes. One average, the state has approximately five tornadoes a year but they are usually mild and cause little to no damage. Virginia has five different geographic regions which include Tidewater, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridge and Valley and Cumberland Plateau. With such a diverse landscape, this has given the state many different opportunities to provide tourist attractions.

Mt. Vernon and Shenandoah are two of Virginia's most visited tourist attractions. With its rich history, Williamsburg is also a great destination for those who would like to learn about the nation's history. As of now, Virginia is has the highest population for a state without any major league sports teams.


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