The University of Vermont provides an advanced academic experience aimed at fostering student success. It offers a range of educational options, including all major and minor degrees, as well as graduate programs. Fields of study encompass Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Economy, Education and Community, Environment and Sustainability, Food and Agriculture, Health and Medicine, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This breadth of offerings allows students to choose a path that best suits their unique career goals and interests.

Additionally, the University of Vermont goes beyond traditional classroom experiences to offer facets like undergraduate research and residential learning communities. The undergraduate research allows students to explore their chosen field in depth, adding practical experience to their theoretical learning. On the other hand, the residential learning communities aim to enhance the feeling of belongingness among students and contribute to their comprehensive learning experience.

Moreover, the university has an admissions process that ensures diversity, equity, and inclusion. It offers a number of financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help make an education accessible and affordable. Admissions are available for both undergraduate and graduate students, with the website providing distinct sections and instructions for prospective undergraduate, graduate and professional students, current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and the community.

The location of the university in Vermont provides an added benefit. Students are immersed not only in a rich academic environment but also a vibrant local culture in Burlington. Furthermore, the institution's dedication towards research with a global impact reflects their commitment to contributing positively to society.

Lastly, the university also provides professional and continuing education programs, which allow alumni and other professionals to continue their education or gain new skills. Graduate housing facilities are also available, adding convenience for outstation students. Together, all these features make the University of Vermont a comprehensive option for individuals seeking advanced education and research opportunities.