The Paramount Twin Cinema in Montpelier, Vermont, renowned for its digitally advanced movie theater, assures daily entertainment by being open seven days a week. The theater has a community-focused approach, frequently updating their shows and functioning times on their Facebook pages, Capitol Theater and Paramount Twin.

Their desire to provide an inclusive experience for all is highlighted by their thoughtful initiative to add subtitles to every movie during their Sunday matinee. This move is designed to enhance the movie-watching experience for the deaf or hard of hearing, making theater an accessible form of entertainment to all.

In terms of forthcoming attractions, from September 29th onwards, the movie, The Creator is being featured with evening slots at 6:45, a Saturday matinee at 4:00, and a subtitled Sunday matinee also at 4:00. Another popular offering for kids, Paw Patrol The Mighty Movie, is also due to start screening from September 29th with evening slots and subtitles for the weekend matinee shows.

Moreover, in their highly anticipated event, the Paramount Twin Cinema will be hosting the screening of the prestigious Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour on October 13th. Swift's tour has been marked as a billion-dollar phenomenon, dominating the cultural calendar during this year. Understandably, its showing at Paramount Twin is expected to be a grand event. Fans are encouraged to buy tickets in advance, details for which can be found on the theater's website.

However, Capitol Showplace, their other theater, will remain closed due to urgent flood repairs. Despite this unfortunate circumstance, the pricing at both theaters remains affordable. Adult tickets are priced at $9.75, while children under 12 and seniors over 60 can enjoy a lower price at $7.25 and $7.75 respectively. A standard matinee ticket is achievable at $7.25. Prices for 3D screenings may vary.

In summation, the Paramount Twin Cinema remains a popular go-to spot for diverse cinematic experiences. Offering subtitled film screenings for accessibility, as well as hosting high-profile tours such as Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, it continues to serve as a central hub for movie enthusiasts in Vermont.