The Vermont Crafts Council (VCC) is an established advocate, supporter, and promoter for the high quality visual arts community across the state of Vermont. Its membership base covers an impressive array of around 250 local artists and includes art centers. The VCC's support is deeply rooted in fostering creative talent, offering myriad professional development, networking, promotional opportunities, as well as arts advocacy for its members as part of its core mission.

Having been governed by a board of seven eminent Vermont artists, the VCC stands strong as a reputable crafts council for artists, artisans, galleries, and art centers. This multiplicity and diversity of stakeholders underscore the Council's commitments toward nurturing a vibrant and dynamic art community. The Council progresses in step with the changing times, recently relocating their central operations to 46 Barre St, Montpelier. This move could be indicative of their robust growth and the increasing demands of their member base.

A standout feature of the Vermont Crafts Council's offerings, are the Open Studios, which are held twice annually. The Open Studio Weekends are an integral part of the VCC's calendar, taking place either during the Memorial Day Weekend or the first weekend of October. These events serve as an open platform where artists can display their work to the public, nourishing an artist-fan interaction, and fostering the art and craft culture organically.

For artists interested in participating in future Open Studios, the VCC offers comprehensive support, including registration, frequently asked questions and even press releases. Besides, artists looking to tap into business skills while balancing their craft will find the Council's professional development initiatives such as seminars and business skills training quite beneficial.

In conclusion, the Vermont Crafts Council stands tall as an essential pillar of the Vermont art community. Serving not just as a collective for artists but also as a developmental platform, it consistently supports artistic endeavors, provides lucrative platforms, and champions professional growth for those vested in visual and craft arts. Whether you are an artist seeking a supportive community or an admirer of Vermont's vibrant art culture, the VCC holds immense potential for all.