is a comprehensive resource for both residents and potential newcomers in the state of Vermont. The platform offers a wide range of services including vehicle registration and renewal, tax information, voter services, and access to vital records. Its user-friendly interface allows users to promptly search and request specific certificates of birth, death, marriage, civil union, divorce, and dissolution. It also provides valuable information on public transportation routes and social benefit programs.

In addition, proves to be a valuable tool for entrepreneurs, providing a business start-up guide along with tax information particularly tailored for businesses. From expanding your business to becoming a new resident, the platform offers comprehensive information to assist individuals willing to relocate to Vermont. It offers detailed guidance on permit application through its Vermont Permit Navigator which ensures an easy process for those who need permits.

Moreover, offers employment opportunities with the state and connects job seekers with various employment and training opportunities throughout the state via Vermont Job Link. The platform presents available job openings, elaborates position descriptions, and enables users to apply online.

Apart from providing services related to living and working in Vermont, the website also encourages exploration of the state. It promotes the Green Mountain state's tourist attractions, providing extensive information for visitors and residents. Users can find detailed information about historic sites, trails, and state park locations.

In short, functions as a one-stop solution for a variety of needs related to living, working, and exploring in Vermont. The platform successfully integrates a wide range of services, making it an essential resource for the residents of the state.