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The US benefits from a mega industry when talking about tourism. Due to the fact that the US economy has supposedly entered a recession in 2008, some state budgets for tourism marketing have been lowered considerably. Nonetheless, during February 2013, the tourism industry brought into the US a total of $10.9 billion.

Statistics show that 1 of 18 American employees are supported directly or indirectly by the tourism industry. Approximately 25 subsectors are considerably sustaining the US tourism and travel industry. Out of these 25 subsectors, 4 are the ones accounting for about 60% of total output. These 4 sectors are accommodation, recreation and attractions, food services and air travel, from which the accommodation subsector is the largest one.

As of 2013, the top US tourist attractions are: the White House, the Denali National Park, the Las Vegas Strip, the Florida Keys, Kilauea, Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge, Yellowstone National Park, Manhattan and the Grand Canyon. A 2012 statistic shows the most popular US monuments, judging from the point of annual visitors. The first 5 are as follows: the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the World War II Memorial, all 3 located in Washington D.C., the Statue of Liberty in New York/New Jersey and the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia.