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The nickname for the state of Tennessee, located in southeastern United States, is the Volunteer State. The state flag has three white stars in a circular field of blue superimposed on a red background.

The three stars are symbolic of the three distinct areas of Tennessee - the eastern mountain region, the center highlands section and the lowlands of the western portion. The state's economy has both an agricultural and an industrial component. The main agricultural products are soybeans, cotton, tobacco and dairy products. Industrial products include rubber, plastics, chemicals and equipment for transportation. The capital city of Nashville is home to the Grand Ole Opry where the biggest stars in country music regularly perform.

Tennessee web directory
Tennessee, US

The city of Oak Ridge has special historical significance because it was set up by the United States government in 1942 as the residence for the people who worked on producing the Plutonium and Uranium needed for the atomic bomb developed during World War II.

The work on the atomic bomb was done at the Clinton Engineer Works which became the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1948. Today, visitors to Oak Ridge can tour the American Museum of Science and Energy, originally called the American Museum of Atomic Energy. The museum is dedicated to demonstrating how atomic energy is used for peaceful purposes.