The Iggy's family story begins with Gaetano Gravino, a hairstylist who found part-time work at a doughboy shack in Oakland Beach. This job turned into an entrepreneurial opportunity, leading to the establishment of Iggy's Doughboy and Chowder House in 1989. Named after a nickname given to him by his son, David, the restaurant was founded by Gaetano and his wife Sally, with the red chowder, a recipe created by Sally, being the featured dish.

The Gravino family, including Sally, MaryAnn, David, and Guy, embraced the mission of preserving the spirit of the original stand while aiming to keep the Midway's livelihood alive. David, honoring a promise made to his father before his passing, took over the family business with a vision that extended beyond the stand and its seasonal popularity. He envisioned a revitalized Oakland Beach that married its historical charm with future potential.

Oakland Beach, rich in Rhode Island history, was once a summer destination for the state's wealthy. However, it fell into disrepair after a series of disasters. The area was home to the Oakland Beach Grand hotel and later an amusement park, both of which were destroyed by fires and hurricanes. Despite these setbacks, David Gravino saw potential in the area and worked to rejuvenate Oakland Beach and its community.

Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House has expanded to multiple locations, including Warwick and Narragansett, along with Iggy's Boardwalk and Iggy's Creamery in Warwick. These establishments are part of Gravino Enterprises, Ltd., contributing to the local economy and community revitalization.

With a commitment to quality and community, Iggy's has become a beloved part of Rhode Island's culinary and cultural landscape, offering a range of services from dining to catering and events. The Gravino family's dedication to their vision and the area's history continues to drive the success and growth of Iggy's, making it a staple in the local community.