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Independent in spirit, its separation from British rule in 1776, is a testament to the Island's status as one of the first thirteen original colonies to declare sovereignty. Visitors to Rhode Island will find the concentration of registered historic landmarks impressive. Take an American history tour of seventeenth-century architecture.

Newport's Colonial homes and mansions are well preserved. The state is known for its cultural emphasis, and especially performing arts capacity in dance, musical and theatrical institutions.

Rhode Island web directory
Rhode Island, USA

Peruse one of the many museums. Rhode Island offers fun for the whole family. From children's museums to maritime history Rhode Island has something for everyone. Rhode Island's accommodations will also take you back in time.

Visitors to Rhode Island will find a variety of bed and breakfasts, hotels and apartment rentals available for short or long term stay. Savor international cuisine, or walk the one of the State's many natural beach reserves barefoot. The nearby oasis still a fair distance from Gotham.

Small and convenient, Rhode Island offers the incentive of the state's regional economy to businesses and professionals looking to relocate. Located on the Atlantic Coast, the state's property market is not only stable, it is profitable. Real Estate investors benefit from prime property valuation.

Proximity to major urban metropolises of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and not too far distance from New York City, makes Rhode Island a sure sell to anyone seeking stability in investment. A prime location for trade, the state is accommodating as it is enticing. Reap full benefit from Rhode Island's industrious business environment. Rhode Island is nearby oasis away from the stress of the East's power centers. Invest in Rhode Island. Tradition and innovation are one. Feel your roots in Rhode Island, the Atlantic Coast state known for opportunity.


  • Iggy's Famous RI Seafood Restaurants
    Iggy's family-friendly seafood restaurants are known for their lunch, dinner, appetizers, and dessert offerings. The establishment's service and atmosphere have contributed to its status as a Rhode Island tradition. It provides casual dining, catering, hosted events, and online purchase options with coast-to-coast shipping.

  • Environmental Council of Rhode Island
    Environment Council of Rhode Island is an association of organization and individuals with the same goal - promoting eco-friendly practices and solutions in the state.

  • Rhode Island Government
    An overview of business, education, real estate, tax and trade opportunities.

  • Rhode Island Monthly
    Monthly magazine pertaining to Rhode Island. Offers general information about the state, news items and articles meant to inform the general public of what's happening.

  • RIBA
    Rhode Island Broadcasting Association website. Offers general guidelines and rules for broadcasting entities in Rhode Island.

  • RIRS
    Rhode Island Rose Society website. An association of individuals who share a passion for roses and growing them in their gardens.

  • Soccer Rhode Island
    Resources, articles, information and game details concerning soccer in Rhode Island.

  • Visit Rhode Island
    Information on accommodation, restaurants, shopping, cultural destinations and museums, recreational activities, and events in the state.