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  • US Department of Justice
    Official website of the US Department of Justice. Offers information about the current projects, news and changes made within the structure. Other resources available, including career opportunities.

  • USA Military Schools (Directory and History) EP
    Directory of military schools and military academies in America and their history, including photos.

  • USA Network
    Website dedicate to most popular shows in the US. Users can browse through and watch TV shows directly on the website. You must verify your TV account before accessing most features.

  • USA Today
    Popular website related to all things US. From tech to sports, entertainment, life and news, the website offers comprehensive information about the casual US lifestyle.

    Website aimed at providing perspective entrepreneurs with various articles and insight into the inner workings of US businesses. Information about states is provided and the overall aim is to increase business opportunities within the US.

    The official page of the US government. Underlines important articles, facts and figures about current state of affairs in the US. Credit reports, hurricane warnings and articles aimed at increasing your own security are provided to all users.

  • USEmbassy
    Official webpage of all US embassies in the world. From here, people can find the location, contact information and official websites of US embassies from around the world.

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