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Oregon Web Directory

The gem of the Pacific Northwest region in the United States, Oregon is an environmental traveler's dream. Surrounded by forests, highway excursions reap organic rewards. From one of the most northern surfer's paradise locations in the country near Eugene, to the sophisticated global urban metropolis, Portland, Oregon is pristine as it is international.

Accommodations in the state range from grand and boutique hotels to alternative yoga spa vacations. With Mount Hood in the background, Portland is especially rewarding for culinary adventurers. Well known for its alternative lifestyle experience mixed with the tech scene of the region, Oregon is an icon of West Coast culture.

Established in 1848 with statehood established in 1859, Oregon is a relatively new state in terms of territorial incorporation.

Oregon web directory
Oregon, USA

Oregon is recognized for its cottage enterprise ingenuity and is host to a number of vital advocacy based organizations.

The site of large scale Pan Pacific investment, Oregon's peaceful and environmentally progressive business climate means that entrepreneurs seeking cutting-edge technological access and leadership incentives in audit of GHG emissions and other policy mandated pollution mitigation will find the state well prepared for ease of accommodation in compliance rules and capital growth germane to new market economies.

Green as it is innovative Oregon is undeniably one of the most promising business environments in the United States. Welcome to the State that sets the pace for global commerce and partnership. Find out why the Pacific future is now. Invest in Oregon's green economy.