Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital is an animal care facility located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that offers a comprehensive range of services for pets. They have been providing quality care and support to pet owners since 1956. The services here are designed to cater to all the needs of a pet.

The hospital encompasses various services including general wellness checks, diagnostic services, surgery services, and special health services. This veterinary hospital aims to support pet owners at every step of their pet's journey by going the extra mile to care for each family pet.

Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital also offers holistic and therapy services, highlighting their emphasis on overall pet health and wellness. In addition, the hospital provides hospitality services and travel certificates. They also manage end of life care, further demonstrating their comprehensive approach to pet healthcare.

For increased convenience, the Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital offers online amenities such as booking appointments, ordering food and medicine. The hospital takes pride in its tradition of compassionate care, signified by their slogans 'Welcome to Our Family' and 'From Our Family to Yours.'

This clinic distinguishes itself through its long-standing service in Tulsa, providing pet care services for over six decades. Their commitment to the health and well-being of pets in the Tulsa area is the cornerstone of their service.

Verdict: Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital that offers a range of services for pets. Their dedication to providing comprehensive, compassionate care makes them a notable choice for pet healthcare in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Business address

2242 E. 56th Place,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-918-747-1311