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In Oklahoma the legacy of the pioneer spirit lives. With business opportunities more abundant than ever, new market sectors such as alt. energy companies are forging the future in innovation. Oklahoma is host to a number of world class convention venues and for major events. One of the most affordable states in the United States, Oklahoma's reasonably priced real estate market makes the state an unbeatable property decision. Invest in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma web directory
Oklahoma, USA

If you are looking for an epic adventure in the American West, look no further than the plains of Oklahoma. Located along Route 66, Oklahoma is known for its vitality as a natural and historical setting. Accommodations in Oklahoma range from luxury hotel resorts to dude ranches and camping.

Whether visiting a Native American Indian reservation, enjoying the beauty of a one of the many state parks or a honky-tonk night on the town in Oklahoma City, the State of Oklahoma will sweep you away with the romance and rugged suggestion found nowhere else. Listen to the whisper of the wind on horseback. Sounds of country western music can be heard in the air. Savor the hospitality. From BBQ ribs to fine international cuisine, the state has it all. Come visit the hidden gem of the West. Oklahoma is waiting for you.