The New Jersey State Council on the Arts is a department that provides a multitude of services, programs, and initiatives to the people of New Jersey. The council functions under the governorship of Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Tahesha Way, and is part of the Department of State. The council offers various resources and numerous opportunities for employment and grants.

An important aspect of the council's services includes a variety of cultural programs managed by Commissions such as the Cultural Trust Historical Commission, Commission on American Indian Affairs, Israel Commission, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission. These programs aim at preserving and promoting cultural diversity and heritage in the state. Likewise, the Arts Council also provides grant opportunities for artists and cultural organizations to support their initiatives.

The council further encompasses a suite of other services including a Military Task Force Report, Flag Status, Pay-to-Play Ordinances, and a Will Registry. There are also facilities for proposed rules, press releases, and reports. These features of the council are undoubtedly designed to serve a wide range of needs across the state, from military affairs to legal regulations.

Additionally, the Arts Council extends its focus towards the business and economic development of the state. Offering resources such as a Business Action Center, Business Advocates, Small Business Advocates, and Export Assistance Planning Advocates, the council actively supports businesses, especially small and emerging ones.

The council also houses the Motion Picture and Television Commission, promoting the development of these fields in the state. Alongside, there is also an emphasis on the tourism department, that plans strategies for New Jersey's travel and tourism industry.

In terms of education, the council oversees the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education and the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority. These branches work to improve higher education and provide students with financial assistance.

The New Jersey State Council on the Arts is, therefore, a comprehensive sector working under the New Jersey Department of the State, offering numerous services, cultural programs, and resources that strive to benefit the citizens, businesses, and artists in the state.

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New Jersey State Council on the Arts
33 W State St.,
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