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New Hampshire Web Directory

New Hampshire is full of things to do. There are many parks to visit which offer different options for fun. People can hike or bike along long windy trails throughout the state. The many lakes, ponds, and rivers give people the opportunity to sit by the water, canoe, or kayak. There are beaches located throughout the state where you can just relax by the water and enjoy the waves.

New Hampshire, US, web directory
New Hampshire, US

Cannon Mountain is a popular place to visit. Visitors on the Tram ride can see a lot of wildlife including moose and bears. Both the Old Man Museum, where you can discover New Hampshire history and the New England Ski Museum are located by the Tram. The Flume Gorge is a natural gorge that you can walk around and stare in awe. At Echo Lake, people can rent canoes or kayaks.

Camping is very popular throughout New Hampshire. You can bring your own tent or rent lodge houses. Lafayette Place Campground is a common place to stay.

No matter what you enjoy, you will find things to do in New Hampshire. You can visit many parks and museums. The Tram ride should not be missed. You will never forget that view.