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Nebraska is a popular farming state. The most popular crops are sorghum, corn, and wheat. It is interesting to know that Nebraska has the most varieties of grass grown for forage. They are also known for their cattle and hog farms. Dakota City and Lexington have large meat-packing centers.

Oil was found in Nebraska in 1939 and natural gas in 1949. Nebraska is also known for making clothing and farm machinery, along with automobile accessories and pharmaceuticals.

Nebraska, US, web directory
Nebraska, US

There are many reasons to visit Nebraska. Many people enjoy exploring the fossil beds. There are many museums including the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer Grand Island, SAC Museum, and Museum of Nebraska Art.

The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is another popular family stop. The Lied Center for the Performing Arts is located at the University of Nebraska. The Scotts Bluff National Monuments, along with the State Capital in Lincoln, should not be skipped.

Even though Nebraska is thought of as a farming state, there is still plenty to see and do for visitors. Nebraska is filled with museums, fossil beds, among other things. So even if you are just traveling through the state, take your time and enjoy the view.


  • Affordable Insurers in Nebraska helps motorists find the lowest car insurance rate throughout Nebraska. Many drivers are overpaying for auto insurance particularly in Lincoln, Omaha, and Waverly, NE.

  • Nebraska Counseling Association
    General purpose resource for counselors in Nebraska. Offers information and guidelines which help promote the trade and related services.

  • Nebraska DMV Guide
    Online DMV Guide for Nebraska. Users can opt for registering their vehicles, ask for license renewals and IDs and get general information about the local policies.

  • Nebraska Music Hall of Fame
    Offers information about the most prominent Nebraska musicians and their works.

  • Sun Palace Tanning Spa
    Offering high pressure, VHR and conventional tanning beds; located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • The Nebraska Medical Center
    The Nebraska Medical Center, which is located in Omaha, was voted the number one hospital in Nebraska. It is also the largest hospital in the state. This medical center is a teaching hospital for the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

  • University of Nebraska
    The University of Nebraska is located in Lincoln. They offer a wide variety of things to study, including agriculture, education, engineering, journalism, and more. They also are proud to offer premed and law courses. Distance learning is also available.