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Montana, often referred to as Big Sky Country, is filled with large working ranches. Many people enjoy coming to the two National Parks that Montana offers, Glacier and Yellowstone. There are also many smaller state parks which allow visitors plenty of opportunities for fun. Hiking and mountain biking are only two possibilities.

Montana, US, web directory
Montana, US

Many people travel to Montana for their hunting and fishing. Horseback riding is very popular there. During the winter, there are plenty of places to go skiing and snowmobiling. The list of things to do is endless.

Montana is also full of places to visit. The State Capital is always a good start. The original Governors' Mansion, used from 1913 to 1959, is available for touring. There are a lot of museums to visit, including the Montana Heritage Commission and the Museum of the Rockies.

Montana's Museum is the official historical society museum. Many people travel to Montana to visit their multiple battlefields. These include Bear Paw, Little Bighorn, Rosebud, Canyon Creek, and Big Hole. Indian reservations offer a popular stop.

No matter what you enjoy, you should find something to do in Big Sky Country. Whether you like the outdoors, visiting museums or other tourist attractions, you will not be bored.


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  • Montana Artists
    Website destined as a resource for local art, artists and artwork. Offers information about the most prominent figures in the industry and their works.

  • Montana Arts Council
    Part of the government website of Montana, the Montana Arts Council provides information about local artists and their works.

  • Montana Office of Tourism
    Official website aimed at promoting local tourism, both domestic and foreign. Provides information on local landmarks and places of interest.

    Official Montana Government website. Offers news articles, current government members and general purpose information for the state's citizens.