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Missouri Web Directory

The Show Me State, Missouri, is located in the Midwest and is unique where it has two large metropolitan areas that spill over into other states. The Kansas City Metro, while the largest city has much of the metropolitan area in Kansas. The largest metropolitan area in Missouri is actually St. Louis, even though a portion of the metro lies in Illinois.

Missouri web directory
Missouri, USA

Missouri was not admitted into the union until 1821, and has had a long bloody battle with its neighbor, Kansas. The history between Kansas and Missouri has transpired into today's society and even sports. There are border wars that are less bloody, and the battlefields have been replaced with sports venues.

One of the big tourist attractions in the state is Anheuser-Busch located in St. Louis, Missouri. You can find theme parks and caves that draw people of all ages to the state. The Lake of the Ozarks is a huge site for relaxation and enjoyment. Families with children will want to visit Branson, Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City. The state offers many educational field trips that are either free, or very low in cost. Missouri is nestled in the middle of the United States, and is known to be the gateway to the East.