If you are planning an event and you want something different, something innovative that will make your guests experience one that they will never forget, then you might want to consider PhotoActive and their photobooth rental service.

You heard me right, phone booth rental. With so many events happening everywhere, you want your event to stand out of course. Whether its corporate or social, big or small, regardless of age group, the guys from PhotoActive can help you make you event POP!

The website greets you with a horse, a dog and a chicken and you immediately know that you are in for an awesome experience. They have something for everyone. And you can explore all of it on the site. So, a photobooth at an event sound a bit too much off the wall? If you want your event to be exciting, fun and unique you might want to reconsider.

PhotoActive have a booth set up that will suit your event, no matter the theme, and you will be the astounded how much of an impact a simple photobooth has. The website is easy to navigate and communicates just how fun and unusually enjoyable the concept can be.

You can choose the most fitting backdrop for your booth, and event from standard colors to just about any theme you can think of. You can even have them create a branded backdrop for product launches or corporate events. For those special moments like birthdays or graduations even the big one - your wedding day - you are sure to find the perfect fit.

Making your event memorable is so easy with the various options available. From instant photo printing to slow motion videos in formats like GIF's and more, it will be an experience you will never forget. The images of your event will become talking points where ever they pop up.

Once you have the perfect backdrop selected, you have a choice of image formats. This is where it really gets exciting. You can have stock standard photos that will let guests print out the images immediately to take home with them. Guests can choose from the classic 3 or 4 photo strips to a more contemporary 1,2,3 or 4 photo cards. This will spark memories of carnivals and theme parks for your guests, especially when they show off the photos to their friends.

Or you could raise the bar with an animated GIF, or a slow-motion video that will capture the depth of emotion for your event. The animated GIF's will let your guests act out and have some fun with their photo, they might even come for more!

A GIF will also let you choose backdrops with a little more spunk and dazzle, making that action shot stand out from all the rest. From the square backdrop that lets you add in any design elements you like, to a greenscreen option that can take you event to the stars if you like.

You can have your guests walk on the moon or even Jupiter if you choose, anything is possible.

With all these options and possibilities your photobooth will make your function be the event of the year. And your guests will love the fact that they can have a special message on their prints that will make it just that much more special.

The site has all the types of events listed with some examples of the past choices that help you decide on the best way to make the memory last for a long time. You know you are going to get something truly special just by moving around the website. The funky style and vibrant colors tell you just how these guys think and what they can do for your event.

When you browse through the past event you can clearly see the special effect a photobooth can have on an event. From anniversaries to product launches to birthdays to graduation to seasonal parties the list goes on for miles.

Each of the example images let you experience a little of that event just by looking at it, you can see that each of those gatherings was a fond and fun experience for all.

The site offers several contact options and you can even get the PhotoActive staff offer you some ideas from their wild and wacky minds and past events. With so much on offer no wonder that the PhotoActive team are the most sought-after event specialist in the greater Minnesota & Wisconsin area.

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