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One of the most unique states in the continental U.S. is Michigan, made up of two peninsulas. The state is divided up by the three of the Great Lakes: Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan. The state is also home to four professional sports teams that all play in Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit Tigers, baseball; Detroit Lions, football; Detroit Red Wings; ice hockey; and Detroit Pistons, men's basketball, are all teams that bring the state a lot of money.

Michigan web directory
Michigan, USA

Michigan is as rich in history as their state name, The Wolverine State, which came from the American Civil War. Even though wolverines are very rare to find in Michigan, many believe the name of the fighting group came from a wolverine fur trade.

Michigan's upper peninsula borders Wisconsin, while the lower peninsula borders Indiana and Ohio. When traveling to Michigan, you will not run out of things to do. Upon finding a place to stay, you will find there are your normal hotels, or you can stay in bed & breakfasts, campgrounds, or even historic inns. Michigan is a place to visit, whether you go on a romantic get-away or if you are taking a family on a trip.