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Massachusetts Web Directory

The commonwealth of Massachusetts is one of the oldest states in the union. Massachusetts is located in the northeastern United States. One of the six states that compose New England, Massachusetts is bordered by Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire. The state is also bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Massachusetts has the largest population of the New England states.

Massachusetts web directory
Massachusetts, USA

Massachusetts played a major role in American history. In fact, passengers of the Mayflower first landed at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620 where they established a colony. Massachusetts is also the place where the infamous Salem Witch Trials occurred in 1692. Massachusetts is also responsible for encouraging independence from Britain which led to the American Revolution. Indeed Massachusetts is a state rich in American history which greatly informed the type of country America has become.

The University system in Massachusetts is arguably the best in the nation. Massachusetts is the home of Harvard University, which is the oldest university in the United States. Harvard has consistently been ranked as the best university in the world. Additionally schools such as MIT are also world renowned and well respected.