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Maine Web Directory

Maine is a state that is known for its scenery and seafood. The state was first explored by Europeans in 1607 and to this day, the state still has the largest number of French speakers. Maine joined the union in 1820 as the twenty-third state, and it is the only state that shares a border with only one state. There are roughly one million people populating the state and it is in the top twenty states with the smallest population.

Maine web directory
Maine, USA

People commonly refer to Maine as the Pine Tree State because of the extremely dense forested area. Ninety percent of Maine is covered in forested area. Maine is also the largest producer of blueberries that are sold in the United States alone. If you like toothpicks, odds are they may have been manufactured in Strong, Maine. Until 2003, the Strong Wood Products plant would produce nearly twenty million toothpicks in a single day! However, the state still has a tradition of being the site of many shipbuilding companies.

Some renowned citizens that are from Maine include Frank Churchill, a composer for many Disney animated movies, and Patrick Dempsey, an actor. There are many other actors and actresses from the state.