The Louisiana Association of Wholesalers (LAW) is a professional trade association that was established in 1941. The organization was initially formed by a select group of people in the wholesaling business and has since evolved to become a consortium of thriving wholesaling companies across Louisiana.

LAW is a full-service association committed to catering to the requirements of the Wholesaler Industry throughout the state of Louisiana. Their primary mission is to advocate on behalf of member and associate member companies across various public platforms, including legislative, regulatory, legal, and public arenas.

The association is devoted to maintaining cordial relations with all government, state, and municipal agencies, highlighting their commitment to collaboration and mutual growth. In addition, LAW seeks to provide its membership with essential resources targeted at legislators, policy makers, and the general public on issues relevant to the organization.

One of the key offerings of LAW is its annual conference, LAW's 2023 Annual Conference, scheduled for May 10-11, 2023. It is set to be held at the Hilton Capitol Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, although more details are yet to be divulged. The conference could offer invaluable networking opportunities for wholesalers, manufacturers, and others affiliated with LAW.

One of the unique aspects of the association is its commitment to promoting the industry as a whole. This not only enables a broader understanding of the wholesaler sector but also serves as a platform for members to network, collaborate, and engage in discussions about key industry issues.

Keeping members updated about the association's progress and activities is an integral part of LAW's communication strategy. The association encourages members to follow them on Facebook to keep abreast of all their latest news and events, serving as an exemplification of the organization's intent to stay connected with its community in the digital era.

Overall, the Louisiana Association of Wholesalers portrays itself as an organized, professional, and active organization catering to the comprehensive needs of the wholesalers industry across Louisiana. The association effectively combines networking opportunities, information dissemination, and advocacy to ensure its members have all the resources necessary to thrive in a competitive environment.