Animals First is an organization dedicated to providing homes and care for abandoned or street animals. Their vision is centered around giving needful animals access to loving homes instead of breeding new ones. Animals First also aims to neuter or spay animals to control the population and ensure their survival. They are committed to providing joyful habitats for these animals and work towards ensuring they live happy lives with their human companions.

Animals First offers a variety of pets such as fish, cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits. These pets come from varied backgrounds, often having been abandoned or mistreated. The organization strives to make the adoption process easier for individuals by providing a range of choices, increasing the chances of a good match between the pet and adopting family.

In addition to facilitating adoptions, Animals First also emphasizes the importance of volunteer opportunities. They are actively building a team of enthusiasts dedicated to help these animals find homes and thrive until they are adopted. They adopt a proactive approach and consider every contributing hand as an asset, emphasizing the need for more volunteers.

The organization has an impressive record, having saved 94,990 pets till date, with 3,34,964 pets having found loving homes. They have also accumulated a considerable number of donations, 1,21,134 to be specific, which aids them in their noble mission. In terms of human resource, the organization currently has a steady base of committed volunteers, 6,433 in number.

Aside from direct animal care, Animals First also takes a strong stance on educating the public about the dangers of animal breeding. They strive to spread awareness about the surge in population of kittens and other animals due to unchecked breeding.

In conclusion, Animals First is a dedicated organization working towards the welfare of stray and abandoned animals, by ensuring they find loving homes. They emphasize the importance of neutering and spaying to curb overpopulation and promote adoption over breeding. They offer various animals for adoption, provide volunteering opportunities, and actively engage in educating people about responsible animal care and the dangers of unchecked breeding.