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Louisiana Web Directory

A gem of the southern United States, Louisiana is a state rich in southern traditions and southern hospitality. The state was inhabited by Native Americans prior to colonization. Louisiana was a Spanish and French colony prior to achieving statehood, which makes it unique amongst American states. Louisiana is bordered by Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas. The state is also bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Louisiana is divided into local governments referred to as parishes.

Louisiana web directory
KLouisiana, USA

Louisiana is a multicultural and multilingual state that has been highly influenced by Native American, French, African and Spanish cultures. These various ethnicity are distinctive, but they also come together to form a unique culture that can only be found in Louisiana. This culture is world renowned for its music and artistic expression.

Louisiana is most famous for its culinary delights which combine a variety of different cultures to create some of the finest cuisine in the world. The city of New Orleans is internationally known for its cuisine and the chefs it produces. New Orleans is also the primary destination for tourists visiting Louisiana. However, the entire state offers a varied history with plenty of attractions.