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Located in the Midwestern United States, Kansas was named after the Native American Tribe Kansa. The state was opened to settlement in 1854 and Kansas faced long drawn out battles between abolitionists and pro-slavery advocates. Kansas eventually became a free state in 1861 when it became a part of the union. Population growth in Kansas was at its peak following the civil war.

Kansas web directory
Kansas, USA

Kansas is a remarkable place to visit for any history enthusiast. The state is home to several historic sites including the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site located in Topeka, Kansas. This landmark commemorates the Supreme Court decision which determined that segregation in American schools was unconstitutional.

The states bordering Kansas include Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. The state has a generally flat topography with a large portion of the state lying within the great central plan. The remainder of the states is composed of hills, rivers and forests. The major rivers in the state are the Missouri River and the Kansas River.

Kansas is a state rich in American history that is growing and expanding daily. Visitors to this great state will not be disappointed with the scenic landscape or the kindness of the people.