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  • University of Iowa
    Located in Iowa City, the University of Iowa was the first educational institution to equally admit men and women. The university is known for genetics and hydraulics research. It has top ranked programs in audiology and speech-language pathology. The campus is also home to the country's most advanced teaching hospitals.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • EMC Insurance Companies
    Founded in 1911, the EMC Insurance Companies is headquartered in Des Plaines. The company sells its products in 40 states. It was ranked on Forbes' list of the "100 Most Trustworthy Companies" that included small-cap companies. A variety of products including business, personal and life policies are sold by EMC.

  • Iowa Arboretum
    Official website featuring upcoming events, collections, rental fees, catering, educational activities, photos, working hours, directions, the opportunity to plan a visit, get involved or join.

  • Iowa Arts Council
    Features information the council, its mission, plans, policies, programs, staff, resources, grants, press releases and other links.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Iowa State Fair
    Provides a list of upcoming events, the opportunity to plan an event at Fairgrounds, photo albums, links, YouTube channel and merchandise.

  • Keep Iowa Beautiful
    Dedicated to making Iowa clean and attractive. The website provides upcoming events, grants, research, media, online shop, photos, encourages community involvement and offers volunteer opportunities.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • La Vida Loca Winery
    Official website offering directions to the winery, events, wine selection, recipes, area attractions and an online shop.

  • Living History Farms
    An interactive outdoor museum focused on educating, entertaining and connecting people to Midwestern rural life experiences.

  • Quaker Oats
    Located in Cedar Rapids is the world's largest cereal producer. The company was created in 1901 after four oat mills merged. One of these original mills is still located in Cedar Rapids. It is known for its Quaker Quick Oats, Life cereal and Chewy granola bars.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Shop Iowa Online
    Provides a statewide directory of businesses in various domains and fields of activity.

  • Skunk River Paddlers
    An online tool for Iowan paddlers providing paddling related news, notifications, locations, projects, forums, quick links, clubs, rentals, regulations and play spots.

  • The Iowan
    Bimonthly state magazine that showcases travel destinations, food and events, exploration and learning.

  • Travel Iowa
    Provides listings for lodging, dining, exploration, attractions, activities, restaurants, events and photos.

  • Urban Legend
    Official website for rock 'n roll band Urban Legend, providing tabs on gigs, band bios, equipment, song list, merchandise, guestbook, mailing list, booking, audio, video and photo galleries.

  • Wikipedia – Iowa
    Wikipedia page about the US state of Iowa, providing general information about the state's history, geography, economy, education, health, culture and other subjects of interest.

Iowa is known as the "American Heartland" and is bordered by the Mississippi, Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers. It is also known as the "Hawkeye State" in tribute to the Indian Leader Chief Black Hawk.

Iowa web directory
Iowa, USA

A major industry in the state has always been agriculture, however in recent years the economy has become extremely diversified. A large sector of the economy is manufacturing including chemical products, machinery and electric equipment. In Des Moines, the state's capital, the city is known for being a hub for the insurance industry.

The state is also known for being a major food processing hub. It is often called the "Food Capital of the World." It is ranked first in the production of beef and pork. In addition, the largest cereal company in the world calls Iowa home. Quaker Oats factory is headquartered in Cedar Rapids. Other food companies that are in the state are Heinz, Barilla, General Mills, Wonder Bread/Hostess and Blue Bunny.

An interesting fact about Iowa is that it holds the first presidential caucuses in the country. The caucuses are the official kickoff for the election and are the starting points for candidates seeking to earn the final nomination from their political party.