Mad Anthony Brewing Company is a brewpub offering a variety of handcrafted ales and lagers. The brewery notably operates in several locations, including Fort Wayne, Auburn, and Warsaw, Indiana.

The brewpub provides a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, designed to offer a laid-back dining and drinking experience. They feature a full food menu to complement their variety of brewed beverages providing patrons with an extensive selection. Additionally, Mad Anthony Brewing Company frequently hosts live music events, adding an engaging layer of entertainment to the atmosphere.

One of Mad Anthony Brewing Company's key products is their handcrafted MadBrew ales and lagers. These beverages have gained recognition and are available throughout Indiana. The rotation of the beer menu keeps the experience fresh and varied for returning visitors. From unique ales to classic lagers, their drinks cater to a wide range of tastes.

Mad Anthony Brewing Company also offers promotional deals to their customers. Their Summer Daze Deals, which include discounted pints and packs of Summer Daze Wheat, benefit casual drinkers and brew enthusiasts alike. Club members, such as the 2023 Mug Club, receive additional benefits like daily discounted mug fills, showcasing the company's appreciation for its regular customers.

The company organizes beer-related events, such as the Brewed IN the Fort Craft Beer Fest. Tickets are available for purchase online and at their locations, increasing the company's interaction with its customers and the local community. This also demonstrates the brewpub's dedication to promoting craft beer culture in Indiana.

Mad Anthony Brewing Company has a merchandise shop that sells shirts, hats, and more. They also offer bulk gift card orders and e-gift cards, providing a convenient option for those looking to give a unique gift to friends or family. This aspect of their business model shows their adaptability to the digitalizing world and their focus on customer convenience.

Their website offers online ordering, demonstrating their shift towards digital solutions for better customer accessibility.

In conclusion, Mad Anthony Brewing Company is a notable establishment in Indiana's craft beer scene, offering handcrafted beers, a cozy atmosphere, live music, promotional deals, and merchandise, all catered towards creating an engaging experience for its customers.