Northwestern University is a renowned educational institution offering a wide array of programs and services for its students, parents, families, alumni, faculty, staff, and media. The university provides an abundant number of resources, both academic and extracurricular, to ensure a comprehensive learning environment.

One of Northwestern University's significant strengths lies in its diverse range of academic offerings. They offer undergraduate programs, graduate programs, continuing and professional programs, and an array of online courses including short online courses. In addition, the university has a pre-collegiate program. Their academic structure is composed of various colleges and schools, each dedicated to providing quality education in their respective fields.

In terms of admission, Northwestern University is inclusive and provides extensive information about undergraduate admission and graduate admission. They also offer financial aid resources for those needing assistance with tuition fees.

Apart from academics, Northwestern University puts a considerable emphasis on overall campus experience. There are facilities available to visit the campus, including a visitor center, maps, parking facilities, and driving directions. They also provide a glimpse of campus highlights and campus events, reflecting an active community life. Campus safety is also given high prominence, ensuring a secure learning environment.

As a distinguished research university, Northwestern University has a dedicated section for research activities. They have their own libraries and promote innovation and entrepreneurship within the university. The latest research news is also regularly updated, demonstrating their active participation in creating knowledge and insights.

In terms of giving back, the university encourages donations through their 'Giving' option. Parties interested in contributing to the institution can easily locate information and procedures available on their website.

Overall, Northwestern University is a comprehensive educational institution that aims to give a rich academic experience alongside fostering an active and safe campus life. It's an institution that looks beyond the realms of basic education and encourages research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.